Your Untamed Sexual Desires Can Expose You To Great Dangers (Read How)

God is the Ultimate Protector, the Most Reliable Security. He is the Authentic Defender who doesn’t need security.

You know, the strongest and “most intelligent” security organizations in our world have disappointed and failed at various occasions (think about the highly-rated United States Secret Service that couldn’t stop the assassination of various serving American Presidents under its watch).

In the Bible (in Genesis 15:1), God told Abraham: “Fear not, Abram, I am your shield”. No wonder, Abraham lived to a full old fruitful age!

Even when he was wandering in the territories of the evil, they just couldn’t hurt him. God’s Pillar of Protection ensured he didn’t lose anything that belongs to him while he lives!

God loves displaying His expertise in Security and Protection at all times. He has promised to keep His own safe (physically and spiritually) at all times.

Those who had decided to honour Him by doing His will automatically earns His Protection. Any person walking in the will of God would find him or herself being surrounded by the Hedge of God’s protection.

Nevertheless, while the Hedge of Protection always remain available (as God will always be faithful to His own part), it is possible to silently and ignorantly move away from the Hedge, thereby exposing oneself to dangers (physically and spiritually).

One thing that makes people slip away from within God’s Hedge of Protection is SIN. Sin (of all kinds) is a pulling evil that exposes one to the attacks of the enemy.

One of the major types of sins that has exposed millions of people to cruelsome attack is sexual immoralities, which often come about as a result of ignorance, and failing to do all it takes to tame and have one’s sexual desires under control.

Believe it or not, there is a spiritual dimension to the life we live. Don’t be deceived by “ignorant logic”. The spiritual (or supernatural) operates on a higher level than the physical.

The “logic” in the spiritual is different from the “logic of the physical. Wisdom demands that you do all it takes to ensure your total protection to enable you fulfill your full potentials on earth.

The spiritual realm is a very busy world with activities unstop. Many evil strategies and plans are being constantly devised there. Many harmful arrows are being aimed at people.

After all has been finalised in the spiritual realm, it then materialised in the physical realm. Many events tagged “coincidence” in the physical realm, are not actually coincidence, but are “done deals” orchestrated from the spiritual.

Many people were killed from the spiritual realm since they were exposed, and they died mysterious and untimely here on earth.

You might wonder (ignorantly), “but I’m an easygoing person trying not to offend anyone, why would anyone want to hurt me?” Listen, by the virtue of being a human being, you automatically have an enemy in the devil (and he hates you vehemently). By extension, all his demons and agents are your enemies too.

Therefore, you can’t afford slipping away from God’s Hedge of protection if you want to fulfill destiny.

And so, you must tame your desires and keep in check any urge that tries placing your hands in sinful ventures. Always rely on God’s strength every moment, and play your part by fleeing all forms of immoralities at all times.

And when you made any mistake, swiftly ask for forgiveness of sins in Jesus Name, and get restored before it’s too late.



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