Work Placement Success Story at Aston University, UK

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Ememobong Etim, a student from Nigeria, is currently studying MSc International Business here at Aston University, Birmingham. She recently secured a postgraduate placement with Vitabonna in the UK. Ememobong speaks a bit more about the role and how she remained motivated during the search.

How did you find this placement?

I saw the vacancy in Iwan’s (Careers Consultant at Aston University) weekly emails and I applied for the role of Business Strategist and Development Analyst with Vitabonna Development Ltd through Aston Futures.

How long did it take you to find your placement?

It took me a few weeks and I made six applications.

With my applications I looked at various platforms: Aston Futures, Indeed, LinkedIn, Reed, Student Circus, and Debut, amongst many others. With each application, I ensured to adjust my CV and cover letter to align with the requirements of the role. Additionally, with some of the applications, I did my research on the companies to gain information that could help to differentiate my cover letter. I also applied to a range of businesses with different organization sizes, from SMEs to large corporations, to improve my likelihood of having a successful application.

What about this organization or role stood out to you?

My desired career is to be a consultant for business growth and development. With my new placement role, I have the responsibility of developing a business plan for a novel disruptive innovation model, so I’m able to directly engage with tasks that are similar to some activities that will be done in my career.

What are you most looking forward to about your placement?

Specifically, I am looking forward to the development of my skill set that will be suitable for the professional world. The transition from a theoretical basis to a realistic and practical one will be highly beneficial for me especially because I switched from an engineering background to a business environment.

Do you have any tips for other students currently looking for work experience or placements?

Take the risks in applications – it is better to take the risk and apply for a job rather than not doing so at all. Also, make use of the resources provided by the careers team, as they will help you to be prepared for each stage of the application process.


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