We’re not involved in human trafficking— Labour Ministry

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment has denied any involvement in the illegal issuance of Recruiters’ Licence to Private Employment Agencies, PEAs, for human trafficking.

Mr. Charles Akpan, Deputy Director, Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Labour and Employment, said this in a statement on Friday in Abuja.

Akpan said the attention of the ministry had been drawn to publications in the media accusing the ministry of complicity in human trafficking, especially of Nigerian girls to other parts of the world.

According to him, “the ministry has not issued any recruiters’ license with respect to the placement of Nigerian citizens abroad in breach of the relevant provisions of the Labour Act CAP L1 2004.

“Furthermore, at no time did the Federal Government issue any moratorium against the issuance of recruiters’ license.

“The ministry is empowered by sections 23, 25 and 71 of the Labour Act Cap L1 LFN 2004 to license fit and proper persons to operate as labor contractors and private employment agencies.

“As part of the strategies to reduce irregular labor migration whilst promoting regular migration, the ministry has put in place a Labour Migration Desk to address the associated problems with the movement of skilled and low skilled persons within and outside the country.”

He said that the desk sought to ensure and create employment opportunities for Nigerians to work legally abroad, without fear of molestation, exploitation, or any form of inhuman treatment or being subjected to unfair labor practices.

He added that the ministry was guided by the provisions of the International Labour Organisation’s Migration for Employment Convention No 97, Private Employment Agencies Convention No 181, and its Recommendation No 188 and had taken initial steps required for its ratification.

Akpan, however, said that one of the basic means of implementing the principles of Convention 181 on private employment agencies was their mandatory registration and licensing.

He noted that recruiters’ licenses were issued to fit and proper persons and agencies in accordance with Section 25 of the Labour Act CAP L1 2004 and other requirements for the issuance of such licenses.

”It is apparent from Section 25 of the Labour Act CAP L1 2004 that persons who meet the requirements for International Licences are eligible to engage in domestic recruitment as well.

“Furthermore, a recruiting agency may recruit low, middle, or highly skilled workers for placement within and outside the country,” he said.

Akpan added that prior to obtaining the recruiters’ license, the recruiter was bound by the provisions of the Labour Act with respect to the welfare and conditions of the work of the worker and the procedures for operating the license.

He noted that one such procedure was the requirement that prior to any citizen leaving Nigeria under a foreign contract it should fulfill provisions in Section 39 of the Labour Act CAP L1, 2004.

“The recruited worker must be brought before an authorized labor officer and certified by that officer as duly recruited in accordance with the provisions of the law.

“It is, therefore, obvious that the possession of a recruiters’ licence for foreign employment does not confer or guarantee automatic clearance for a recruiter to recruit citizens for work abroad without first complying with the procedures provided in the Labour Act.

“This is before workers travel under a contract of employment with the recruiter,” he said.

He also said that it must be emphasised that to date, no PEA issued clearance by the ministry had been found to be involved in human trafficking.

He further said that it was on record that none of the trafficked Nigerian girls to Lebanon or any other country was linked to a PEAs issued licence and clearance by the ministry.

“To set the records straight, at no time did any person, body or committee request the ministry to suspend its statutory duty of issuing recruiters’ license to qualified PEAs as being peddled by some uninformed persons,” he added.


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