Unnamed Uganda: Police Chief Threatens To Beat Journalists For Their Own Safety

Uganda: Police chief threatens to beat journalists for their own safety

Uganda’s Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, has refused to apologize for the violence of security forces against the media.

Ochola was speaking at a pre-election news conference with senior security officials, on Friday.

“I have no apology. Actually, you are saying ‘is police apologizing for mishandling journalists?’ My answer is, I’m very sorry, excuse me, we shall not apologize. But we shall continue to help you not to go where danger is.” the police chief told newsmen at the conference.

Campaigning ahead of the January 14 election in Uganda has been marked by brutal crackdowns on opposition rallies. President Yoweri Museveni faces 10 other candidates including popstar-turned-lawmaker Bobi Wine.

“It is not that we are targeting you the media, no, we are trying to protect your lives, we are telling you it is danger there, for you, you are insisting you must go where there is danger. Yes, we shall beat you for your own sake. To help you understand to not go there.” the police chief stressed at the conference.


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