Gettyimages 1230231436 Tottenham Should ‘Send Gareth Bale To China’ Amid ‘Scandalous’ Return As Jesse Lingard’s West Ham Debut Makes Spurs Flop Look Like A ‘Pup’

Tottenham should ‘send Gareth Bale to China’ amid ‘scandalous’ return as Jesse Lingard’s West Ham debut makes Spurs flop look like a ‘pup’

Simon Jordan has labelled Gareth Bale’s failed Tottenham return as ‘scandalous’, insisting the Premier League club should end the Welshman’s loan stay and ‘send him to China’.

The talkSPORT host even pointed at Jesse Lingard’s incredible debut for West Ham to prove how off the pace Bale is, after the midfielder scored twice for the Hammers in his first league start for 13 months.

Bale’s much-publicised move back to Spurs in the summer was met with huge fanfare, but it’s clear the 31-year-old is not the same player after his fall from grace at Real Madrid.

Supporters were hoping, with their hero free from Zinedine Zidane and back at the club he loves and made his name, Jose Mourinho would be able to coax ‘the old Gareth Bale’ out of the winger, but the reality is he looks far past his best.

It could be too early to tell, of course. He may have been back in north London since September, but having made just six Premier League appearances since his return from injury, it could be that he just needs time to rebuild his confidence.

But the signs have not been good.

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Harry Kane’s double ankle injury has given Bale the perfect opportunity to prove he doesn’t just care about playing golf, but he failed to make an impact off the bench against Liverpool and again when he started against Brighton, as Spurs lost both games.

He’s made 15 appearances in all competitions this season, managing four goals, but fans have mostly seen the Bale they saw from afar and with sadness in Spain – wrapped up in a big puffy coat on the bench.

And Jordan cannot be the only one ‘bloody disappointed’ by the four-time Champions League winner, with the talkSPORT pundit saying he may as well wind down his career in China.

Bale Has Been Restricted To A Substitute For Most Of The Games He’s Been Available For This Season
Bale has been restricted to a substitute for most of the games he’s been available for this season

The former Crystal Palace owner told Jim White: “I think Gareth Bale and what’s happening with him at Tottenham is scandalous!

“We’ve been listening to, for two years, about this outrageous and unfair treatment of him at real madrid and how he has won the champions league for Real Madrid and put in stellar performances and yet Zinedine Zidane has marginalised him…

“And we have this absolutely clamous of excitement for him to come back to play for Tottenham and it has been an absolute damp squib.

“People are saying ‘you have to give him time’ but he’s been back for eight months, or best part of, and Jesse Lingard hasn’t kicked a ball in anger in a first-team game for a year, but he walks into a West Ham side and he sets the place alight.

Lingard Struck Twice To Lead West Ham To A 3-1 Win Over Aston Villa – That’s Half Of Bale’s Goal Tally For The Season In One Game!
Lingard struck twice to lead West Ham to a 3-1 win over Aston Villa – that’s half of Bale’s goal tally for the season in one game!

“I know they’re different kinds of players, but what we’re seeing from Gareth Bale… he was so poor the other day against Brighton.

“You can’t run the argument that he played well against Wycombe – they’re going to get relegated to League One!

“Gareth Bale is a country mile off.

“I don’t want to make everything about money, but ultimately there has to be a point where people are paid what they’re worth and they’re worth what they’re paid – this player will be had under the trade descriptions act, he’s not fit for purpose.

“He should be able to slot into this side and provide solutions, but he is a mile off and it’s quite scandalous really.

“It’s not good enough and it should be called out. His performances have been completely and utterly below the level of a player we revere.lay VideoHarry Redknapp urges Jose Mourinho to make Bale the main man at Tottenham and says achieving Champions League football is an absolute ‘must’ this season

“Send him to China, where he wanted to go.

“Look at this, this is not right, something is not right here. Either this player is complete and utter past his sell by date… I know people say ‘form is temporary and class is permanent’, but at some point you’ve got to ask, where’s the class then?

“His form is not temporary, his form is now permanent, and it’s bloody disappointing.

“This is supposed to be a world-beating footballer. Even if he was performing at 60 per cent of the Gareth Bale that we once knew, he should be able to get in that Tottenham side, but he’s a mile off.

“Daniel Levy has signed a pup. What a disappointment.”


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