To hell with independent Biafra without freedom of religion — Uwazuruike

Uwazurike kanu 300x225 1 To hell with independent Biafra without freedom of religion — Uwazuruike

The protagonist of the Biafra Independence Movement, BIM, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has apologized to  Igbo elders, Christian and Muslim leaders “for the unprintable remarks constantly rolled out from the Nnamdi Kanu-controlled Radio Biafra in London”, and emphasized freedom of religion.

According to Uwazuruike, “if an independent Biafra will not guarantee freedom of religion, to hell with it.”

He added: “I sincerely wish to apologize to everyone that has been affected by the incessant insults, abuses and blackmails from radio Biafra, London broadcasts or any other news channels.”

Furthermore, he acknowledged that he founded Radio Biafra London and trained everyone that is fighting for Biafra today, either directly or indirectly.

Chief Uwazuruike also accepted that whatsoever sins they have committed in the course of this fight, he (Uwazuruike) “is the one to be held responsible.”

He described as “most unfortunate” that one of his “trained directors are using the radio as a platform to insult and blackmail Igbo elder statesmen like Chief Pete Edochie, Chief Nnia Nwodo, the Church and Muslim leaders.”

Explaining why he floated the London-based radio station, Uwazuruike said it was “to propagate the struggle and the senseless killings and marginalization of Igbo Christians in Nigeria to the world.

“It was these wanton killings of Ndigbo in Nigeria that made me start the agitation for Biafra on September 13, 1999.

“The struggle is still alive and in no distant time, Biafra will be a sovereign independent state because this movement has made tremendous achievements.”

He regretted that “none of those who engaged in insulting our illustrious sons on social media platforms were born during the Biafra-Nigeria civil war.”


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