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The Undertaker names Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre as WWE’s ‘two legitimate great stars’

The Undertaker made a lot of headlines for calling the current generation of WWE superstars ‘soft’ recently, but it’s not all bad from the retired Phenom.

The Deadman, 56 next month, finally stepped away from professional wrestling last year after 30 glorious years in WWE.

When asked about the difference between the locker room in his prime compared to today, ‘Taker made headlines by saying it has gone a little soft, but he has good things to say about today’s current crop of talent too.

On the home straight of Undertaker’s career, he took on Goldberg in Saudi Arabia in a match that will live forever for the wrong reasons.

It was a disaster of a match. A real car crash between two beloved legends that was really just sad to watch.
‘Taker knew it then and knows it now. Just a month later, Undertaker would roll out once more at Extreme Rules in a bid to wash the stain of that match from his name.

He would tag with Roman Reigns – a man who defeated him at WrestleMania 33 – against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Undertaker explained how those men helped him find his confidence again.

Drew Mcintyre And The Undertaker Faced Each Other In A Tag Team Match At Extreme Rules In 2019 And Drew Had Hoped That Would Lead To A One-On-One
Drew McIntyre and The Undertaker faced each other in a tag team match at Extreme Rules in 2019 and Drew had hoped that would lead to a one-on-one

“That match meant a lot to me,” Taker said of the tag team match. “I go all the way back with Shane to when he was in college.

I have a long-lasting relationship with all the Samoans, and Roman is one of the Samoan greats.

“As a human being, I think the world of Roman. And Drew is one of those genuine guys. Anytime I’m around, he’s right there picking my brain.

“He’s not doing it because it looks good to others, he does it because he genuinely wants to get better. Those are two legitimately great stars.”

In an age where WWE is criticised for not having any real, top stars in the eyes of some fans, Undertaker calling Reigns and McIntyre just that is a big rub.

Undertaker Has Long Regretted How His Match With Roman Reigns Played Out
Undertaker has long regretted how his match with Roman Reigns played out

“I was trying to erase that stain out of memory [from the Goldberg match],” Taker said of the Extreme Rules match. “I’ve heard from so many people who think they know all about wrestling and what I should do, but no one has any idea how I grade myself.

“It’s far more severe than people may think, and my expectations for what I do are higher than people think, too.

“So that was a fun night. We were all on the same page, we knew what the objective was, and that match was special. Roman and Drew are very special talents, two of the best at what they do.”

With both men holding world titles on their respective brands right now, WWE seem to agree with Undertaker. Triple H has even gone on record suggesting that Reigns and McIntyre could be this generations The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin rivalry.

Roman Reigns And Drew Mcintyre Met At Wm35
Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre met at WM35


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