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“Sxx work should be legal” – Online Sxx worker, Adetutu OJ says

Nigerian model, Adetutu OJ, has admitted that she’s now an online sex worker and she revealed why she took that career path.

Speaking to LITV hosts, Adetutu explained that whenever she asks for help online, the only people who are willing to help are those also asking for sex.

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She explained that most of them tell her they will only help her if she’ll have sex with them.

She however stated that she doesn’t want to get close to most people, and as a result, she embraced “Live video sex chat”…most were willing to go with online sex and pay for her service, so she took that on as a side hustle.

In her words ;

“I don’t see nothing wrong in it. I’m just trying to survive. I’m not hurting anybody. I’m helping some men out with their sexual needs… So, I see no harm in it. Sex work should be legal.”


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