Wike 2 Stop Playing Politics With Projects – Nddgg Tells Wike

Stop playing politics with projects – NDDGG tells Wike

By Davies Iheamnachor

The Network for Defense of Democracy and Good Governance, NDDGG, has urged Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State to stop playing politics with execution of projects in the state.

NDDGG also said it has unravelled a plot to frame up Sobomabo Jackrich, NDDGG and KUF (Kengama Unity Forum) with trumped up allegation of sponsoring criminality.

NDDGG disclosed this in a statement in Port Harcourt yesterday, signed by Chief (Hon.) Williams E. Igweh, Director of Operations, Rev. Christian Dekor, Secretary, and Mrs. Alaliba Douglas, Director of Mobilization.

Reading the statement, Igweh alleged that Governor Wike was using the Trans-Kalabari road project to cow the people into following his administration adding that politicisation of the said project was worrisome.

He explained Trans-Kalabari road was important to the people of Kalabari, stating that the governor was using the said road project to make political gain off the people.

Igweh said: “As advocates of good governance, we equally cease this medium to state that the construction of Trans-Kalabari road should no longer be used as a political bait to harvest the bulk vote of the Kalabaris by way of influencing public discourse and opinions to continuously enslave the minds and opinion of the people.

“The politicization of this very important infrastructure has in recent times reached a rather abusive and appalling dimension under the current administration of Governor Nyesom Wike.

“Governor Wike knowing fully well the value of this road to the socioeconomic growth of the Kalabari People, has rather decided to pay continuous lip service to it for the ecstasy of public accolades, but to the ridicule of the people of Kalabari Kindom.

He claimed that the governor was not committed to the plight of Kalabari people, adding that leader of the body, Sobomabo Jackrich, has on several occasions mentioned the lack of will on the present administration in the state to deliver the said project.

He said: “Our leader, High Chief Jackrich have in several occasions pointed out this lack of political will on the side of the Governor to deliver the project even as the Wike led government has cited the road twice in the 2020 and 2021 shadow budgets respectively without any budgetary allocations.

“That being the case, we have seen numerous projects such as flyovers, other roads and even extravagant cash giveaways to political allies and to other states without even citing them in the budget, leaving us to wonder why a project that has been captured in two budgets has not been flagged off ever since.

“The body language of the Governor clearly shows his lack of commitment to the plight of the people of Kalabari people.

Igweh further alleged that NDDGG has uncovered a fresh plot by some highly placed individuals and politicians in the state to frame up High Chief Amb. Sobomabo Jackrich and other executives of the organization.

He said: “From our findings, part of the plot is that these mischief makers have perfected plans to sponsor miscreants who would impersonate as members of the NDDGG or our sister organization, the Kengema Unity Forum – KUF, and would then go about deliberately carrying out criminal activities, fighting and disrupting public peace in parts of the state especially within the three LGAs of the Kalabari Kingdom, and if apprehended by security agencies, they would rope in the NDDGG, KUF and our leader, Amb Sobomabo Jackrich as sponsors such activities.

“The ultimate aim of that orchestrated move as we have gathered is to ensure that our leader and some of our members get arrested, and to have his properties destroyed in order to intimidate and silence us from speaking up against unpopular policies of the Rivers State Government.”


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