Eunp9Xjwyact0 O 1 ”Still Romantic At 93” – Lady Reveals How Her Grandfather Got A Present For Grandmother On Valentine’s Day.

”Still romantic at 93” – Lady reveals how her Grandfather got a present for Grandmother on Valentine’s day.

Love was celebrated in a grand style yesterday as the world celebrated the feast of Saint Valentine and there have been so many beautiful stories going viral on social media.

Love can be defined as an unbreakable bond that was epitomized by the action of a 93-year-old grandpa’ whose love still burns for his wife.

The ‘lover-boy’ made the appropriate provision to make sure his woman got a gift on Valentine’s day and one can only wonder what he must have been doing consistently in the past years.

His Grand-daughter took to her Twitter page to share the romantic story.

Sharing the lovely photo on her page, she wrote ;

On Friday my grandfather gave me his bank card and asked me to please buy my grandmother something for Valentine’s Day. Still romantic at 93


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