Images290 Singer Yinka Davies Loses Her Only Child To The Cold Hands Of Death

Singer Yinka Davies loses her only child to the cold hands of death

Veteran Afrojazz musician, Yinka Davies has lost her only child, Jeremiah Oluwafunsho after battling a medical condition since mid-2020.

Yinka Davies

According to Yinka Davies, around June 2020, Jeremiah was diagnosed with a blood vessel inflammation disease called Wegner Granulomatosis.

Yinka Davies Son

Despite series of scans and medications at a popular hospital in Lagos, on the 29th of January 2021, her only child Jeremiah Oluwafunsho Oluwadayo Bankole gave up the ghost.

The young man who would have been 28 years of age this month was buried on the 30th day in the month of January.

Yinka Davies Son Dead And Buried

This is indeed a big loss for the Davies family and no amount of words can fill the space of their only son.


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