Drw9Vyfuqaastsb ‘Sars Should Disappear From Public View, Remain Faceless For Effective Job’

‘SARS should disappear from public view, remain faceless for effective job’

A retired Police Commissioner Simeon Danladi Midenda, the founder of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly known today as SARS, has brought solutions on how best the disbanded SARS could be used to achieve effective results, and keep their reputation intact.

Midenda who spoke to Vanguard’s Crime Editor, Emma Nnnadozie, last year said: “SARS deviated from the original concept.”

On solutions, he said: “The controversies engulfing SARS today will not disappear unless they return to the original concept. They should undergo re-orientation and thereafter, disappear from public view and remain faceless.

“They should avoid receiving direct complaints from members of the public as most cases received that way will eventually be a civil issue but printed in armed robbery color”.

However, Nigerians campaigned against the recent unconstitutional conduct of SARS operatives, protesting with a hashtag, ENDSARSNOW, ENDPOLICEBRUTALITYNOW, WEDONTNEEDSARSNOW, etc, demanding for the disbandment of the unit.

The Inspector-General of Police yielded to their demands and dissolved SARS, noting that all officers and men serving in the unit would be redeployed to other police commands, formations, and units.

He promised to come up with a policing arrangement that would best tackle the offenses of armed robbery and other violent crimes in the country.


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