Sandra Idubor
Sandra Idubor

Sandra Idubor becomes a brand Ambassador to Lady One Fashion

Signed, sealed, and delivered!
Sandra Idubor becomes a brand Ambassador to Lady One Fashion

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it’_. Fashion is a part of everyone’s life that shapes their life and controls their mood. Dressing the way you want to be addressed cannot be overemphasized. From making little decisions, as little as the right shade of lipsticks to match on a sunny Tuesday afternoon to the perfect color of pants for the office or making the decision about what accessory to put on so as not to appear too royal for a simple cocktail party. It then would not be out of place to say that life cannot be lived without fashion because fashion completes the very essence of life. LADY ONE FASHION takes away the difficulty in searching or getting the right piece of clothing for the right occasion. Since clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them, it is our view, that women should have the freedom to move through the waking world as if they are at rest, and with Lady One Fashion you can be assured of this. LADY ONE FASHION design their pieces to make every day feel like a comfortable dream.
“The brand has come, seen, and conquered. It is time it cements its leadership by breaking new grounds. A perfect dress sense is not complete without a pretty face to go along and Fashion must always blend with style this is why LADY ONE FASHION has decided to take on Sandra Idubor as its brand ambassador. SANDRA IDUBOR who is the C.E.O of DIHAMY CONCEPTS LIMITED, SANDRA TALK SHOW, and the Leader/Director of ISE THEATRE TROUPE is an Actress, Musical Artiste, Live video presenter, Brand influencer, content creator, Movie Producer, Film Director, scriptwriter, Dancer, and a choreographer has done well for herself to deserve this opportunity. She has featured in movies with great Nollywood stars like Desmond Elliott, Uche Jumbo, Ngozi Ezeonu, Olu Jacobs, Segun Arinze, Ramson Noah to mention but a few. When it comes to fashion and beauty, the new brand ambassador is everything to write home about. Born on the 27th of August, Sandra can often be caught amidst an august company. With her amazing leadership qualities in various spheres of life, it is no wonder that she has been chosen as the brand ambassador of the leading fashion home in Toronto.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak and LADY ONE FASHION has a lot of style under its sleeves with this new step, its customers should expect mind-blowing innovations soon. We cannot wait to see what next they have for us with the new brand ambassador. We are salivating magic.


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