Somhale Sa Gay Couple Somhale Responds To Living In Different Houses Rumours

SA Gay Couple Somhale Responds To Living In Different Houses Rumours

Somizi and Mohale continue to stand united amid claims that they’re divorcing.

Somhale has been trending weekly for all the wrong reasons since they tied the knot. If it’s not rumors about Somizi dating his bestie, Vusi Nova, then it’s about Mohale moving out, or reports about Mohale cheating on Somizi with another man or the pair living in separate homes.The lovebirds are currently on the cover of True Love magazine and have rubbished all the negativity and rumors spread by the media and social media.  Speaking to True love have stated that every relationship goes through ups and downs and theirs is no different just because they’re in the public eye.

The two reportedly have several houses and often stay separate when they need space, like everyone. This does not mean that they’re not together, or that they’re divorcing or that they no longer love each other.Living in separate houses is apparently not a deal-breaker for the pair, as it’s not always the case, in fact, it works out because they tend to miss each other and then get together whenever they want to.The pair is not a traditional couple that conforms to other people’s standards because they make their own rules and what works for them might not work for others.

There are other rumors that Somhale is expecting their first child as Mohale previously took to his Instagram and held a Q&A session with his followers.

One of his fans asked him if he wanted a child and Mohale apparently stated that he would love to adopt but also have a biological child as his husband.“We will adopt, yes. But I want a biological child, which I will make. Don’t ask me how.”

Mohale’s husband, Somizi has a biological daughter with former Generations actress Palesa Madisakwane. Mohumi Mhlongo is Somizi’s daughter who is the same age as Somizi’s husband, Mohale. She is 25 years this year!

While Somizi already has a biological child, he previously stated in an interview with Metro FM that he would love to have another child through a surrogate mother.

The reality star stated: “I still want to have another child. The decision comes out of me being selfless because my partner doesn’t have a child and he wants a child.”Somhale apparently met and fell in love at a book signing for Somizi’s best-selling memoir, Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, in June 2017 and the rest as they say is history…Source: Zalebs


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