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Roy Keane responds to Paul Pogba’s scathing Jose Mourinho criticism and says Manchester United midfielder is yet to prove himself

Roy Keane responded to Paul Pogba’s interview where the Manchester United midfielder delivered a damning verdict on Jose Mourinho.

Midfielder Pogba and Mourinho famously were not on the best of terms at Old Trafford during their time together at the club.

The France World Cup winner called out the Tottenham boss, who lost his job at White Hart Lane on Monday morning, while saying Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would not turn on his players.

Man United legend Keane disagreed with Pogba and accused the midfielder of not turning up in the big games.

On Pogba’s interview with Sky Sports, Keane said on Super Sunday: “I don’t think we learned anything new (from the interview). It’s the same thing we’ve been saying for a few years. 

“Paul Pogba is a talented player. Absolutely, there’s no way of getting away from that. But I still think he hasn’t enough at Man United.

“He mentioned there he fell out with Mourinho that was obviously his big problem at the club. But even the last few months, we’re saying he’s been a big influence. I wouldn’t agree with that, I think he’s playing okay. 

“He’s a good player, but I still think in some of the crunch games he’s not turned up. Leicester in the cup was a big game for them, Man City at home.

“When United signed Paul Pogba, it wasn’t to be playing in the Europa League or playing in the League Cup. I think Paul needs a big of a reminder of why he’s paying for Manchester United

“(It was a) Big transfer fee, (he was signed on) big wages for United to be competing, winning Champions Leagues.”

Pogba And Mourinho Came To Blows Frequently At United And It Ultimately Led To The Downfall Of The Latter
Pogba and Mourinho came to blows frequently at United and it ultimately led to the downfall of the latter

Micah Richards defended Pogba, though, and insisted the midfielder still made United a better team with him in it.

“I think he’s world class,” said Richards. “He comes with the tag of being a little bit out there because of social media and that’s the modern player. But they’re a better team with him in there.

“At the end of the season I’d be looking to tie him down as soon as possible. It’s helped him that Fernandes has come in, its took the pressure off just a little bit. 

“I agree he is frustrating. But if United were to invest in the right players, they can be a force and can be a better team with him in it.”

Keane replied: “I think the world class players make players around them better. I’m not sure he does that.

“I’m looking at it and thinking does he dig his team out of it? Does he get everybody going? Does he produce? To me, the answer is still no.”


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