0 Resumption: My Child Contracted Covid-19 Last Term, Says Comedian, Owen Gee

Resumption: My child contracted COVID-19 last term, says Comedian, Owen Gee

Ademola Olonilua

For ace comedian, Owen Gee, it is not a good decision for the government to reopen schools amid the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an exclusive chat with The PUNCH, the humour merchant recounted that his nine-year-old child contracted coronavirus infection last term.

e said, “I have two kids, one is in primary while the other is in secondary school. Last term, one of my kids came home ill and was sick for a while. We kept treating him for malaria but to no avail. We treated him for two weeks till he lost his senses of smell and taste. He had body aches and was excessively weak. It was at that point we discovered he had contracted COVID-19. He was about nine years old at the time.”

The funnyman revealed that while he and his wife treated their child, they also caught the virus.

“My wife and I started taking care of him because we could not abandon him, he is our son. In the process of taking care of him, my wife and I also contracted the virus. It was a war for us, later on, his elder brother contracted the virus,” the comedian said.

Owen Gee recalled that the period was hell for him and he could not stand the idea of being separated from his family at an isolation centre.

He said, “I couldn’t be separated from my family because going to an isolation centre will mean separating us. The psychological damage alone was something else.

“We became a family of four with COVID. We had it at different times so for over a month, we battled with the deadly ailment. It cost a fortune aside the fact that I also got help from well-meaning friends who had contracted it. Some friends also helped in terms of medication and support.”

The comedian turned musician noted that till date he is still traumatised even though he and his family have since tested negative for the virus.

He further queried the government’s decision to reopen schools, saying, “With the rate at which the figures are going up, give me a reason why they want the schools to reopen?

“In light of what we have faced, I have asked my children to stay at home. Their lives mean more to me than their education. A lot of countries are on lockdown, they are not bothered if their children will go to the next class or not. Nigeria is not the most developed country in the world. We should not act as if education is a do or die affair. We are talking about a virus.

Owen Gee added, “A bucket of water outside the school and hand sanitiser is not enough to prevent children from getting the virus. Because we all have different immunities, I cannot risk the life of my child. I do not support the resumption of schools.”


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