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Peter Oboh backs gradual resumption of sports in Nigeria

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Former British and Commonwealth Light-Heavyweight champion Peter Oboh has added his voice to the growing agitation by Nigerian sportsmen and women for the gradual resumption of sporting activities in the country but insists that there must be strict adherence to a regime of COVID-19 protocols as put together by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

“It is by engaging in sports that sportsmen and women survive. Apart from earning their livelihood, sports id their life. Once a sportsman stops training and competing, the essence of his or her existence has been taken away.

That is why I feel the government should relax the conditions for sporting activities to resume. But the protocols for COVID-19 will be observed.

Oboh who is now an apostle for Christ pleads with the leadership of religious groups in the country to add grace to the good work they do on their members. He advised religious leaders in the country to copy the example of Jesus when he fed the multitude, by distributing food and other relief material to their members.

Oboh who had several distributed food items running into millions of naira during the recent lockdown occasioned by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic said, “both the Bible and the Quoran agree that let our good word be practical and be seen by all.”

He continued, “they (religious leaders) should be giving out more than the money they are receiving from their congregation.”


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