Onyeizu urges youths to support a presidential candidate from South-East

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Ahead of the 2023 presidential election, former senatorial aspirant of All Progressives Congress, APC, Engr. Chinedu Onyeizu has called on youths across tribes, states, and political leanings, to work towards ensuring that President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor comes from the South-East region of the country.

In a statement in Abuja, Onyeizu said the youths must ensure that such an individual is above board, character-wise; innovative and have the interest of the country at heart.

He noted that youths have an immense stake in the Nigerian project, especially as they are the future leaders of the country, and that they account for a sizable number of Nigeria’s voting population.

He also advised youths not to allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians and unscrupulous individuals for cheap political points and disrupt the quest for peace, justice, equity, and oneness that a president of Igbo extraction would foster.

According to Onyeizu, to ensure equity and oneness, the South-East region should be supported by well-meaning individuals across the country to produce the next President of Nigeria, while he called on the region to ensure that only individuals with good track records, morally and administratively, be allowed to contest in the elections.

His words: “I know some people would be uncomfortable with this call, but I think we should look for an innovative, non-corrupt, and intelligent presidential candidate from the South-East that would build on President Buhari’s development initiatives across key sectors of the economy.

“Note that I am not saying there are no individuals with exceptional intellect, who also have an impeccable character in other tribes. I am just saying that these are the type of individuals the South-East should produce when given the opportunity.

“A President of Igbo extraction would right the perceived wrongs allegedly meted out to a particular tribe since after the Nigerian Civil War.

“All the major tribes of this country had been given the opportunity to be President of this country since 1999, except the Igbo.

“I think Nigeria should put this issue to rest by allowing the next President to come from the South-East region. This is long overdue, and until it happens people from the region would continue to feel cheated.

“This is a crucial issue that the youths of today should take seriously.

“We should not allow this injustice to a particular tribe to follow us into our future; we should ensure that it is addressed now so that our future would be devoid of rancor, hatred, and injustice.”


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