My Neighbor’s Experience With Robbers Sometime Last Month

This very neighbor of mine happens to be a driver (private driver), so he goes to the airport every morning to pick up passengers and take them to their location.

On this very day, an Army General he carried before called him to the airport for them to embark on a journey to see Governor Hope Uzodinma, so he went, they arrived Imo State govt house and the General met with the Governor, NB, the General was not putting on his uniform.

After the meeting with the governor, it was already late for them to return back to Enugu from Imo, so this neighbor of mine requested that they Lodge in a hotel, but the General insisted that they return back to Enugu by 10 pm.

So they embarked on the journey back to Enugu. On their way, they encountered terrible highway Robbers, according to him killing was an easy job for this set of robbers.

He was behind a Lexus jeep when the robbers decided to attack the Lexus, immediately the man in the Lexus saw the robbers, he quickly activated fast and furious mode, he reversed and wanted to return back, but this robber happened to be very impatient, they got his tires flat and caught up with him, approach him and told him that the money he doesn’t want to give them will be used for his burial, he was shot dead immediately.

When the other man lost his life, this neighbor of mine was also being Robbed.

He was told to get down, so him and the General got down, they both got the beating of their lives, after that, they requested for their phones, my neighbor couldn’t find his phone, his phone fell in between the 2 front seats he looked for it to no avail so the General tendered his phone, they called them their occupation, my neighbor said he is just a common driver, the General he was a businessman.

So they went through the contract of the General and saw so many contacts saved with Chief so so so, Governor so so so, they ordered him to transfer one million and to call one of those Chief for money he obeyed and successfully transferred about 2mill to them.

Back to my neighbor, they asked him how much he bought the car the said it’s hire purchase that it’s originally 1.4mill but he will pay about 3mill after 2/3 years in installments.

So they planned on stealing the vehicle, they asked him if there was a tracker he said no, they have their own means of knowing if a car has tracker, so confirmed that there was no tracker and made away with the vehicle.

But the General being a compassionate person promised him that he will get back the car at all cost, so immediately the General put up 1/2 calls and police on duty became extra alert and the car was recovered NB.

The set of robbers that took my neighbors car were not with a gun, the ones with a gun were robbing others.

To God be the glory, the General informed my neighbor that his car is at Okigwe police station, he went and claimed it.

My neighbor warned seriously that we shouldn’t save numbers with Chief, Alhaji, Olowo, etc that it makes robbers demand more.



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