Moesha Boduong Give Reasons Why Women Are Stronger Than Men Fact Or Trash??

Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong has given reasons why she believes women are stronger than men and not the other way round as many have been made to believe.

Tweeting, the curvy actress stated that men can’t afford to bleed for 7 days and survive it like women do during menstruation.

She also spoke about the pains of child birth which she says men can never go through.

These reasons are why the actress who says she depends on men for money believes women should be respected.

She Wrote:

“Who said men are stronger than women? Can you bleed for a week, can you squeeze a 14 inch kid from a small hole, can you love someone and keep quiet, can you cry all night and wake up in the morning like nothing is wrong? RESPECT WOMEN.”


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