George Weah Liberia Pays Up On Late African Union Dues

Liberia pays up on late African Union dues

George Weah

Liberia said Wednesday it had finally paid up its late annual membership fee to the African Union, months after being downgraded to observer status.

After five months of suspension, Monrovia “has fulfilled its financial obligations to the pan-African body” and “is ready to participate” in an online summit this weekend, Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwel Kemayah said in a statement.

Liberia lost its voting rights in September for failing to pay its $1.6 million annual contribution to the AU.

“Settling our financial obligations signals that Liberia takes its role and responsibilities seriously as a member in the international system,” Kemayah said.

Still suffering the after-effects of a 1989-2003 civil war in which 250,000 people died and an Ebola outbreak in 2014-16, Liberia now faces inflation and a weakening currency.

President and former football star George Weah has struggled to fulfil his election promises to reduce poverty and fight corruption, made before he took office three years ago.

He blames the lack of progress on the difficult situation he inherited from predecessors.


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