Images Laliga Marks 92 Years, Wants Fans Penetration In Nigeria

LaLiga marks 92 years, wants fans penetration in Nigeria

LaLiga on Wednesday, celebrated its 92th year, with the league body hoping to attract more fans to support clubs across Nigeria.

Speaking at an interactive session between LaLiga Nigeria and journalists on Thursday, Delegate, LaLiga Global Network, Ghana and Nigeria, Desmond Chiji said the league is bringing in more innovations with the English Premier League which has large fan base in the country.

“We are planning for Nigeria in the coming months, as you can see from the last season till this season, our audience has continued to grow exponentially and we are doing a lot of things to make sure that we bridge that gap that the Premier League has over LaLiga.

“The EPL has been developing for many years and we in the LaLiga have been catching up with them and we believe that with more time, we will get there and continue to develop and develop and give more opportunities to African players,” Chiji said.

He also added that LaLiga hopes to continue with the NPFL/LaLiga U-15 Tournament in the country once the coronavirus pandemic reduces.

“The situation we are currently facing all over the world, that tournament – the U-15 tournament – is part of the objectives we have in LaLiga and giving the situation at hand now, we have to take into consideration the health precautions of the people, so this tournament will come back definitely, we are working on it and it will come back once everything gets settled down with the situation with COVID-19, competitions will be coming back.

“We have a lot of competitions that we are working on in Nigeria and the U-16 tournament is one of them,” he added.

LaLiga’s first match was played February 10, 1929 between RCD Espanyol and Real Union de Irun starting 3.10pm at Sarria stadium, with Espanyol winning 3-2.


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