Afenifere Insecurity:-  We Are Completely Unsafe In South West Afenifere Raises Alarm 

Insecurity:-  We are completely unsafe in south west Afenifere raises alarm 

 Anxiety as self defence looms in Southwest

Dayo Johnson Akure

The Pan- Yoruba Socio- Political Group, Afenifere has raised the alarm that the people in the south west are now completely unsafe following the spate of insecurity in the region.
Its spokesperson, Yinka Odumakin who spoke with newsmen in Akure expressed concern over the kidnapping, killings and other criminalities in the region.
This is coming as reports of resultant to self defence by the people in the region gained traction.
Odumakin said  “The Fulani orchestrated insecurity has taken over the Southwest and people cannot sleep with their two eyes closed, our women are being raped and people are being killed on a daily basis including Obas on the street.
“Our governor are not giving lawful orders. Even the President aides are saying you can’t chase herders out of the forests.
“We are completely unsafe. Look at a whole noble laureate, last weekend he was trying to ask the president what to do about herdsmen, three days later they took over his house in Abeokuta.
“And somebody was saying that Soyinka’s house was unfenced. Go to London, go to America, you will see a lot of unfenced houses. Will they go and be keeping cows there because they are fenced.
Odumakin added that ” Gen Theophilus Danjuma has already told us two years ago that if we are not ready to defend ourselves, they will kill us one by one
Meanwhile, a security expert told newsmen in Akure that that the “nation’s intelligence community was worried that individuals were beginning to arm themselves for safe defence.
Consequently, he said that “the Nigeria Police was making efforts to mop up such illegal arms in circulation lately.
“We have been getting briefings on the issue of the massive influx of illegal and even prohibited arms and ammunition into the south west lately.
” We know of course, that there are serious security issues that have often thrown all off balance.
“In the last three months or so, we have been monitoring all possible entry points to know where this major security concern of the influx was coming from.
“This is not to indict relevant agencies responsible for the manning of entry points.
“But clearly, individuals in the south west have tilted towards self defence even to the extent of arming themselves with prohibited weapons and this is an unpleasant situation.
“That is not allowed legally bit from all indications, that is the route people are gravitating towards, self defence.
“From out preliminary observations, at least, four of every ten families in the Southwest are prepared for self defence.
“Invariably, we are sitting on a keg of gun power because no one knows where the first trigger will be pulled.
“That is why we are engaging all stakeholders secretly,  especially the press to be circumspect in its reportage by adding ethnic coloration to criminality and crimes anywhere.
“Under the situation or scenario that has just been given, there could be unintended consequences arising from mistaken behaviour on the part of those who are illegally armed for self defence.
The state police spokesperson, Tee Leo lkoro kicked against the people resulting to arming themselves for self defence.
Ikoro also claimed ignorance of proliferation of arms in the state saying that ” l will also call the divisions to know what they know about the incident.


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