Igbo 2023: Nwobodo okays presidency for S/East

Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo Igbo 2023: Nwobodo okays presidency for S/East

Igbo from all walks of life has continued to react to the statement credited to a former governor of old Anambra State, Chief Jim Nwobodo, that 2023 presidency belonged to the South-East.

While most of the commentators shared his sentiments, others expressed disappointment that an elder statesman like him could be making such a provocative call.

Nwobodo had, last week, said that the 2023 presidency should be ceded to no other zone but the South-East.

According to the report, he was said to have urged all political parties to adopt South-East as a destination for its presidential candidates, adding that doing so would be in the interest of justice, equity, and fair play.

However, many of those who reacted through the Vanguard Online Community Forum favored restructuring, even as they insisted that the 2023 presidency belonged to every Nigerian.

Democracy is about choice

Popular Vanguard Online commentator, @Collins, said he shared Nwobodo’s sentiments but insisted that democracy was all about choice.

He said: “I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly because of the numerical strength of the Igbos and also to give them a chance to see if they could do differently from the three previous occupants- OBJ, GEJ and our current President, Buhari.

“So yes, let the Igbo have it. The problem though is that I am yet to see anything on the ground by way of preparation. If you think it is by wishing and/or blackmail that Nigerians would go line up for you on election day then, you have to wake up from your slumber.

“The Igbo need to find a way to organize themselves, put their house in order, reduce their needless belligerence and get behind some really great and savvy guys like the Soludos, the Elumelus, and the Peter Obis, that other Nigerians could easily identify with to stand for the presidency and most importantly be prepared for serious politicking.

“Any other thing short of this is simply a waste of time. And you know what? Democracy is all about choice. You cannot force people to vote for you. Only your ability to play politics would help convince the masses. And the time now is ripe. So it would never be an automatic ticket.”

Sharing the same thought, another commentator, @Dejandon charged South-East leaders to put their house in order before talking about 2023. “Put your house in order first, get a man/woman acceptable to Igbo and sell the same to other Nigerians based on the values he\she has exhibited and deemed acceptable. Nigerians are sympathetic to your cause on the presidency but you must stop all the talks about Kanu’s Biafra, it alienates you from the rest of the country”, he stressed.


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