IBEDC warns residents as rains begin

IBEDC IBEDC warns residents as rains begin

Against the incessant vandalization of petroleum pipelines installations across the country, a former acting commandant general of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC has said that until the sponsors of the vandals are brought to book there could be no respite as he praised the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporate, NNPC for their seriousness and security checks in the recently flagged off 614 Kilometers gas pipeline from Ajaokuta to the Kano States.

Retired DCG Sulyman Akanbi Bello was Deputy Commandant General of the corps before he acted for three months when the erstwhile Commandant General, Dr. John Adewale Abolurin retired was on a sickbed. Bello believes, that proper investigation which led to the sponsors, not the boys doing the vandalization itself, is apprehended and punished according to the law. This will send a big signal that the Buhari administration isn’t kidding at all.”

The truth of the matter is that these sponsors of vandalization are actually big wigs within us that are behind the organized crime. Some of us may even know them but lack the guts to expose them. Some of them are even highly placed in society.

The present government has no respect for likes. But since the President Muhammadu Buhari administration came in, the frequency of their activities have greatly reduced, that does not mean they’re once in a while attempts aren’t destructive. The same methods could be implored to stop the bandits, cattle rustlers, and even Boko haram.

All I am saying is that the name Buhari appears to instill some kind of fear in some of the vandals. Things are no more the same since 2015. The urge for corruption has greatly reduced because you will need to vomit the shit. Now, before you do it, you already know there is a new sheriff in town who takes no-nonsense.

So, that kind of fear goes a long way if one or two of these sponsors are arrested and punished. International sponsors used to get representatives in the country. The men being arrested for pipeline vandalization are really not the main culprits or suspects, the sponsors are and it is those sponsors the government should go after”, he stated.

Unlike before, Bello believes that the Muhammadu Buhari government has been of a tremendous boost to the corps and will not compromise on security matters because, according to him, the minister of interior has been quite interested in the affairs of the corps such that he attends to its needs and requests. “Before now, it is usually difficult to push through and reach your supervising ministry in terms of the challenges you faced in the corps. the minister of interior’s response is unprecedented. But I understand that it is the ministry now that comes after you, asking for your needs and how it can be met. This has demonstrated strategic leadership worth emulation.

It also brought to bear the minister’s wealth of experience and expertise. Even if all the needs cannot be met, obviously, but the fact that there is communication, there is a discussion, it makes you be in the know of everything that happens and still happening so that if and when certain requests are not met, you already know why it couldn’t be done. The energy being exhibited by the supervising ministry presently is really encouraging. It is a morale booster to the corps. Now, that we have a listening and caring ministry that you can call on whenever the need arises”, he said.

Bello hipped praises on the ministry of Labour and Employment’s public works program of employing about 770,000 Nigerians, noting that such initiatives, would greatly reduce the urge to go into vandalization.” That action of the Federal Government is quite symbolic. Once it is effected, there is going to be some sort of respite in criminal activities.

The same thing with the N-Power program, that, too, actually went a long way in reducing tensions in the homes. All the job opportunities the government is pushing out are potential crimes stoppers.

The more of such, the less crime in the society. We should encourage the government to push more of that kind of jobs out to the public. The more of the jobs, the less of security agencies deployed to the scene of crimes every now and then and everywhere around the country”. it eradicates poverty, unemployment and youth restiveness bedeviling our nation. What a commendable tactics to grow our economy through empowering the youth.


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