Gdp Growth 938X535 1 Gdp Rebasing: Fg Enumerates 1.4 Million Establishments Nationwide

GDP rebasing: FG enumerates 1.4 million establishments nationwide

Okechukwu Nnodim, Abuja

The Federal Government on Thursday said it had so far enumerated over 1.4 million establishments as part of the process to rebase Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product.

Statistician-General of the Federation/Chief Executive Officer, National Bureau of Statistics, Yemi Kale, disclosed this at a press briefing on the ongoing National Survey of Establishment.

The NSE is conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics with support from the World Bank.

Kale said, “This National Survey of Establishment is second part of the National Business Sample Census 2020/21 which started in October last year, after some delays brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By design, the NBSC 2020/21 has two major components. The first component is the listing or enumeration of business and commercial establishments across the country, while the second part is the sample survey, which is currently going on.

“In the listing part which was completed in December 2020 and resulted in the enumeration of over 1.4 million establishments nationwide, a set of criteria had to be met by the establishment to qualify for enumeration.”

He explained that to be enumerated under the exercise, the establishment must have a fixed location as well as operate from a fixed structure that could be locked up, as well as other attributes.

On February 4, 2021, The PUNCH reported thay the Federal Government in collaboration with the World Bank had commenced the process to rebase Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product.

The GDP is the final value of the goods and services that are produced within a nation’s geographic boundaries during a specified period of time, and this is normally within a year.


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