Fury sends cash to help cut man who saved Wallin fight

Tyson Fury has kindly given financial support to the cut man who helped deal with the awful injury he sustained in his fight with Otto Wallin to help him through the coronavirus pandemic.

Jorge Capetillo was in Fury’s corner for the Wallin fight in Las Vegas in 2019 where the Gypsy King suffered a serious cut above his right eye in the third round before grinding out a victory on points.

The cut produced enormous amounts of blood that threatened to derail Fury’s boxing comeback but Capetillo was crucial in stemming the flow to help him go on to victory.

It was so serious that Fury was even unable to fulfill media duties following the fight as he was admitted to the hospital so that medical experts could take a look. He clearly has not forgotten the role Capetillo played in helping him win that fight though and has been willing to support him financially during the coronavirus pandemic that forced him to close his gym.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Capetillo revealed: ‘He is still very grateful. When he knew we were locked down because of COVID-19 and my gym was closed, he texted me and said: “Is there anything I can do to help?”

‘He is still taking care of me. He sent me money. I was supposed to be with Jessie Vargas in New York on March 14 but the fight was canceled and I came home with empty pockets.

‘He (Fury) said: “I’ll sort out some money for your family so you can be good”. He is a great man, so humble. He had the time to ask how I was doing with my family during this crisis.’

Fury was so grateful at the time that he also gave Capetillo a bonus for his fight-saving work. The Mexican spoke to TMZ in the wake of the fight about his night’s work and the bonus he received from Fury.

‘It was a big tub of Vaseline! It was so deep man, I tried to hide it a little bit so the doctors didn’t see it,’ he said.

‘I wanted to make sure when he got punched the Vaseline went in.

‘I knew they could stop the fight, I knew I had to keep it clean. If it stays clean then I knew they would let it go round by round.

‘Fury was winning round by round so I kept it clean and the doctor and the ref looked at it and it was OK, but it was the worst cut I have seen.’

‘He gave me a bonus that’s for sure. I saw him on Sunday morning at his house; I went to see how he was doing

‘He was so grateful, he’s a great human being and he took care of me with a little bonus.’


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