wic #EndSARS: It’s no longer business as usual — WIC

#EndSARS: It’s no longer business as usual — WIC

The World Igbo Congress, WIC, has said that the significance of the ongoing protests across Nigeria is an indication that there is no more business as usual in the country.

WIC expressed solidarity to Nigerians for demonstrating against the wrongful killings of Nigerian youths by members of SARS, noting that the protests are indications that power truly belongs to the electorate and not the elected.

According to WIC Public Relations officer, Hon Basil Onwukwe, “The electorates have woken up from their slumber and democracy will begin to make sense now. The lives of many have been mismanaged and this moment if well managed will be a moment of history to remember.”

The Igbo group stated that SARS had been terror a squad against Nigerians, especially the youths and the unprivileged in the society, adding that the government had remained silent over the atrocities despite calls from the masses.

“It is the organization’s interest to promote equity, fairness, good governance. This is the beginning of the end of ‘business as usual’ in Nigerian, where the leaders’ damn consequence of their actions.

“World Igbo Congress is expecting all the groups involved in the protest action to be peaceful and we call on the government security apparatus to ensure that lives and properties are protected for the interest of the country.

“Protest is not an illegal action; it is a civic responsibility, and the government must treat it as such to avoid any countermeasure that will escalate it,” Onwukwe said.


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