Sandra Alhassan E1604234401334 Dirty, Stinking, Broke Guys Turn Me Off – Sandra Alhassan

Dirty, stinking, broke guys turn me off – Sandra Alhassan

Yoruba actress, Sandra Alhassan born of Edo’s mother and Hausa’s father from Kano State has revealed the kind of man she can date and not date. According to the vivacious rising star in a chat with Potpourri, a man who is neat, cute, responsible with fine pocket will always catch her attention and for the men of opposite fortunes, she says “Back off”

“I can’t stand a dirty, stinking, broke guys. What turns me off again in a man is immaturity. Although love is where you find it I have a certain taste about my kind of man. When it comes to marriage it’s a different ballgame altogether. We see different kinds of problems today in the name of marriage; some end up killing themselves.

My advice to ladies or even guys is not to jump into marriage just because they have to be married. Study your partner very well or even live together as couples before going into the real thing. Marriage is a lifetime deal that needs patience and God’s guidance,” she said.

Sandra admitted she has had her share of heartbreaks but has managed at every turn to carry on. She said she lost the man she wanted to marry because of her passion for acting.

“ The moment he saw I was committed to pursuing a career as an actress my man ran off. He warned me not to go into acting for all sorts of reasons but I stuck to my dream.

I must admit at a point I was torn between following him or my dream but I thank God my dream won. I cried when he left but I was comforted that I had the support of my mum who gave me the number to call for my first audition,” she said.

Sandra Alhassan started acting in 2012 under the Afeez Owo Theatre Group. She has featured in many Yoruba movies and has produced one of hers titled “Eni Okunkun” featuring the likes of

Femi Adebayo, Akintunde Shola (Lagata), Juwon Adewumi, Ladi Folarin, Bigvai Jokotoye and Bukola Ojo.


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