Gettyimages 1298057165 Conor Mcgregor Told To Get His Edge Back To Win Dustin Poirier Trilogy Like Mike Tyson Who Was ‘So Crazy Before Fights’ He Beat Opponents Before Getting In Ring

Conor McGregor told to get his edge back to win Dustin Poirier trilogy like Mike Tyson who was ‘so crazy before fights’ he beat opponents before getting in ring

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Conor McGregor has been told he needs to get his ‘edge’ back as the UFC star posted on Instagram saying ‘no more Mr nice guy’.

McGregor was knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 last month at Fight Island.

Some have alluded to his demeanour in the run up to the fight as a possible reason for the shock KO.

The Irish fighter spoke glowingly about Poirier ahead of the clash, shaking hands and revealing the respect he had for his opponent.

It was a far cry from the trash talking McGregor who stormed his way to two UFC titles and the man who was able to defeat both Poirier – before their first fight – and Jose Aldo before even entering the octagon.

Former heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was one of those who felt McGregor was not the same guy we were used to seeing.

He also made comparisons to Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya in a conversation with journalist Ariel Helwani.

Conor Mcgregor And Dustin Poirier Embraced One Another At The Ufc 257 Weigh Ins
Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier embraced one another at the UFC 257 weigh ins

“I did this thing the other day about mental warfare on a clip I put out,” Cormier explained.

“Dustin even spoke about it himself. The aura of Conor McGregor was gone. Part of that aura is you know that at every turn he’s taking shots at you.

“He’s making you feel inadequate and he’s a bit of a jerk. That’s okay. That was part of his game.

“This last approach seemed a little different, it did not seem like Conor McGregor was the same guy.”

On McGregor’s recent Instagram post, he wondered if fans would see him going back to what propelled him into superstardom.

“The guy with the bit of an edge is usually the guy people tune in for,” Cormier added. “Floyd Mayweather had an edge. Oscar De La Hoya had an edge. Mike Tyson has an edge. Conor had an edge.

“Mike Tyson was so crazy that by the time you went to the fight with him you were thinking ‘this dude is out of his mind’. He won a lot of fights before he even got out there.

“Conor would do that to people too. I don’t think his approach from last time allowed him to have the same impact on Dustin.

“Now it’s maybe too late. Dustin may not care [about a trilogy] anymore after knocking him out. I honestly think if you’re McGregor, why not take some time to develop some tactics for those things he had issues [with].”

McGregor is currently recovering from the battering he took in Abu Dhabi where Poirier’s leg kicks saw him leave the arena on crutches, but has hinted he is keen for a third fight.


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