602A2Aa807Dde Church Members Lock Pastor Out Of Church For Preaching Strange Doctrine In Benue

Church members lock pastor out of church for preaching strange doctrine in Benue

Members of a popular church in Makurdi, Benue State, reportedly locked their pastor out of the church and stopped him from conducting the Sunday service, yesterday, February 14th.

It was gathered that the members of the church simply identified as NKST, locked their pastor alongside his supporters out of the church.

The displeased members who were reportedly uncomfortable with the pastor’s methods and teachings asked him to vacate his seat and leave the church on Valentines day.

According to a report by The Nation, the resident pastor was accused of preaching and living some strange doctrines.

Worshippers who turned up for Sunday service were also stranded as they could not get into the church premises.

Viral photos from the scene show worshippers standing outside the locked gate, hoping to gain entrance.

Meanwhile the pastor and his supporters remained adamant and said they will not leave, as only only the Synod in Mkar, Gboko can sanction a resident pastor, following the church rules.


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