Channels TV goes off air, reason unknown

Channels TV has suddenly gone off air, without explanation.

A program was on, where the field reporters were reporting live. One of the reporters’ video started shaking as if disturbed before he was taken off the air.

A few minutes later, the station went off the air.

Reacting, Sulaiman Aledeh, a former staff of Channels TV, tweeted his concern for the safety of the members of staff.

Earlier, TVC was attacked and set ablaze.

Sulaiman Aledeh’s tweet:

@channelstv has been frozen for over 45mins now. I hope we are ok? You better be safe and sound cos we can’t afford a total blackout. Can’t reach @ayoozugbakun1 of @tvcnewsng Many journalists can’t publish news just as others can’t be reached.


— sulaiman aledeh (@aledeh) October 21, 2020


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