CAN’s demand for reopening of churches (2)

original 1 CAN’s demand for reopening of churches (2)

“COVID- 19 pandemic in some states in Nigeria has become religion pandemic. The question we need to ask ourselves is; why is it that people can go to markets, motor parks, and offices, etc that are not well controlled and managed by NCDC but cannot go to church to worship their God?” — Ogunleye Femi, Researcher

“CAN knows that this pandemic is from the pit of hell and against the peace of the church. Moreover, most countries have reopened their places of worship.

“Why is that our leaders have refused to reopened places of worship and yet find it convenient to reopened market places?” — Johnson Akingboye, Cleric

“CAN should think of the health of its followers first because it is when people are alive that they can go to church.

“The situation in the country is a wakeup call to Christians to seek alternative sources of income rather than attending church activities all day. Some preachers are not telling us the truth.” — Hazeem Ogunade, Designer 

“The federal government should heed to CAN’s advice by reopening churches. Church workers like gatemen, writers, typists, secretaries, production team, drivers, and many others who earn their living from the church have been deprived of their incomes because of partial lockdown.” — Kayode Olalekan, Cobbler

“Government should give us prove why social distancing rule is not observed at some of its functions while CAN should enumerate the benefits for reopening of churches. Both responses will tell us whether or not they are fighting for their selfish interests or the interest of Nigerians.” — Sikiru Agbaje, Architect

“Both the government and CAN have jointly discussed reopening of churches since this pandemic before now. CAN should explain to Nigerians why reopening of churches is more important than schools and relaxation centers.

“God is a spirit and can be called upon anywhere inasmuch as our hearts are pure.” — Femi Egbetokun, Businessman


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