CAN demand to reopen of churches

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“I believe the call by CAN is not out of place. The governors as guardians of the constitution must protect religious freedom as guaranteed under the constitution.

“Governors must strike a balance between public health and the constitutional religious freedom of a person.” — Akintola Philips, Lawyer

“The church is as much a social structure and agent of socialization. We cannot shut some aspects of society down and leave others.

“We should observe the law in full or not at all. The law must be absolute; a shutdown or lockdown should be entire, rather than sectional.” — Sokombaa Egbeja, President, CLASFON, UNIJOS

“The church system allows us to fellowship with believers than any other reason. I believe religious bodies should be reopened for worship with proper safety guidelines and measures in place with regards to physical distancing and avoiding the spread of the novel coronavirus.” — Tobi Babalola, Lawyer

“The way forward is to take a step-by-step approach that helps the church live out its missionary calling, meet the needs of its congregants, and protect the health of those in the church and community.

“Government needs to meet with religious leaders to outline procedures for reopening.” — Abijola Salvador Esq

“The call by CAN for the reopening of churches is not out of place. Since the economy, especially the markets and ports have been reopened, why not churches?

“I am aware that churches have reopened in a few places but I am concerned about the areas where there are restrictions.” —Mavis Orji, Lawyer

“In Islam, Muslims are required to obey the authorities, as long as the authorities are not asking us to disobey Allah. Not going to the Mosque at this time further to the directive of the government, is in fact an act of worship in Islam.

“This is what I understand.  We will return to our mosques when the government allows us.” — Muhammed Daud Esq


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