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Bovi quits ‘comedy’ as fans say the industry has been overtaken by Nigerian Politicians.

Popular Nigerian Entertainer, Bovi Ugbomma, has revealed that he’s no longer going to be involved in Comedy.

The beloved comedian made the announcement via his social media page and it elicited mixed reactions from fans

Bovi simply wrote on Twitter ;

I quit comedy

However, fans strongly feel Bovi’s decision to quit the art that shot him to the limelight is because of the way Nigerian Politicians have taken over that sector.

Fans have likened the antics and behavior of some Nigerian Politician to that of comedians or comic acts.

See some reaction below ;

@obongroviel wrote ;

I don’t blame Bovi for quitting comedy

The competition is tough
We have big Stars in the industry now
For example All our Senators

@meettherichard wrote ;

You can tell it’s that serious when a stand up comedian like Bovi wants to quit comedy so Nigerian politicians can take the stag


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