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Black Wall Street to create 100,000 job opportunities for African Business Administration Graduates

Relentless in the fight for Africa’s Economic Independence, the Black Wall Street is creating 100,000 (Hundred thousand) jobs for African Business Administration graduates.

The leader of Africa’s first Economic War, Charles N Lambert who revealed this in a live video on Youtube explains that the Black Wall Street is the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent which leverages on the Capital flight to generate capital for funding of jobs, creating commercial undertakings in Africa.

Under the Black Wall Street, there are listed corporations that provide need-based services to everybody and one of the companies listed under the BWS is called Entrepreneurs for diversification.

Many small companies are one-trick ponies, managed by people who do not have the knowledge of business administration, betting their entire futures on a single product, a single service, a single location, or even a single customer.

Diversification gives business owners opportunities to add products, services, locations, customers, and markets. Diversifying in this way can help your business weather tough times by providing alternate sources of revenue in the event that your original market dries up, stops growing, or is hit by new competition.

Lambert explains further that the diversification of the African economy is very critical to increasing GDP and for the continent to become a developed society.

According to him, with the fulfillment donkey, different businesses can come under the platform and these 100, 000 business administrators will manage and help these businesses, increase their production processes, facilitate them to become more effective.

You can visit the Black Wall Street platform to find out more and as well apply


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