Enm16921 Billy Joe Saunders Says Callum Smith Did Not Have ‘Winning Mentality’ In Canelo Alvarez Fight And Roars, ‘Canelo Has Never Fought A Gypsy Man’

Billy Joe Saunders says Callum Smith did not have ‘winning mentality’ in Canelo Alvarez fight and roars, ‘Canelo has never fought a gypsy man’

Billy Joe Saunders has told talkSPORT that he did not even watch Canelo Alvarez’s last fight against Callum Smith.

The WBO super-middleweight champion has agreed terms for a unification with Mexico’s pound-for-pound king in May, but is still yet to watch his most recent performance in full.

Canelo won by unanimous decision and dominated Smith, who took the fight on shorter notice than he’d have liked.

Regardless, Billy Joe is confident he is the man to dethrone the WBA and WBC champion.

Saunders explained on The Knockout on talkSPORT2: “To tell you the truth I didn’t watch the Canelo vs Smith fight, I didn’t watch it. I’ve seen highlights.

“One thing Canelo Alvarez has never, ever, ever, ever done – he’s never fought a gypsy man, never.

“I’ve got something inside of me burning so strong that I’ll give my life, my soul, my everything to get the win.

Saunders Is The Wbo Super-Middleweight World Champion
Saunders is the WBO super-middleweight world champion

“Some people go in there and they get blinded by the money, they get blinded by the lights, they get blinded by what could be.

“That don’t bother me, keep all that, have it.

“I don’t want the fame, I don’t wanna be seen, I don’t wanna be known by people on the street, don’t want any of that.

“I want the win, that’s all I want, that’s all I’m after.

“And I just felt that [Smith] taking the fight on five/six weeks’ notice was just a sign of, ‘I’m gonna go in there, get my money and I’ll see you all later.’

“So I didn’t really tune in. I wanna see someone who’s going in there fully focused on doing a job – and that’s to win.

“Do I blame Smith for taking that chance? I don’t know, but he didn’t go in with a winning mentality.”

Canelo Is Now The Wba And Wbc Super-Middleweight Champion
Canelo is now the WBA and WBC super-middleweight champion

Saunders continued: “I’ve been boxing since I was five, if I can’t beat him now then I’m never gonna beat him.

“I believe in my own heart and soul I’ve got the beating of Canelo Alvarez.

“I know everything’s gotta go right on the night, training camp’s gotta be perfect, I’ve gotta be in perfect shape, I’ve gotta be fit, I’ve gotta be focused, I’ve gotta be switched on.

“I know I need a performance I’ve never done before.

“No-one’s invincible, nobody. Everybody can be beaten with the right game plan, the right tactics, the right pressure, everybody’s beatable.

“We’re only human beings.”


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