Img 7597 “75% Of Nigerian Men Would Go Into Prostitution If Given The Chance” — Rapper, Erigga

“75% of Nigerian men would go into prostitution if given the chance” — Rapper, Erigga

Popular Nigerian rapper, Erhiga Agarivbie, better known by his stage name Erigga, has averred that a large percentage of Nigerian men will go into prostitution if given the chance.

The newly-married artiste took to his verified Twitter account to share his opinion, whilst advising people to stop stigmatizing prostitutes.

Giving the percentage of men, Erigga said 75 percent of Nigerian men will willingly be prostitutes if the situation permits them.

He tweeted,

“75% of Nigerian men go do Ashawo if them give them chance. So Pls stop slut shaming.”

In other news, Popular Rapper, Erigga has opined that Nigerians are not longer scared of going to the biblical place of after-life torture, Hell.

According to Erigga, this lack of fear is largely due to the way the Nigerian Government handles the country.

He wrote on Twitter ;

Na Nigerian government make Nigerians no dey fear HELL … I mean can it get any worse???


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